How to support StreamRunners

Today, StreamRunners faces a major obstacle: lack of manpower and financial resources.

Help our French start-up by supporting the StreamRunners adventure in your own way!

I want to support StreamRunners!

StreamRunners is a project that began a few years ago, with a simple guy in his underpants in his bedroom, who today is proud to have founded a French start-up, made up of a small team of passionate people.

Our aim is to support and establish a community that brings together all content creators, offering ambitious projects and tools!

Update projects

Summer 2023


Summer 2023

Community events

Late summer 2023

Promote your Kick channel (beta)

Autumn 2023

Paid contracts for streamers (alpha)

Winter 2023

Mobile Application

StreamRunners v.3
By 2024

StreamRunners v.3

Méthode 1/7

Earn royalties

Tiens toi au courant des actualités de StreamRunners et reçois des récompenses exclusives mensuellement !

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Method 1/6

Take out a premium subscription

As well as giving you incredible benefits, it's the best way to support StreamRunners financially!

Method 2/6

Become a host or moderator

Apply to join the StreamRunners team!

Become a host, organize events and bring the StreamRunners community together.

Become a moderator to ensure that StreamRunners remains a place of respect and kindness.

Method 3/6

Sponsoring friends and family

Invite your friends and community to dive into the world of StreamRunners with your referral link!

As soon as your referral signs up, you'll both get an exclusive rewards pack.

(more information on the "Sponsorship" page)

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Method 4/6

Sharing and participating in the community

Get to know other passionate creators by taking part in our events and activities.

Take part in Twitch chats, discover and mingle with streamers featured in StreamRooms!

Join our Discord
Method 5/6

Suggest improvements

StreamRunners is great, but do you think it could be even better? Then give us your ideas for improving the platform!

Method 6/6

Write articles or create content

Have you already produced a video or written an article on StreamRunners? Send us your content by email!

Are you a content creator with a reputation and would like to help StreamRunners take off? Then join our Content Creator program!

Improve your stream stats

Join the StreamRunners community now to :
- Discover new content
- Improve your stream stats
- Meet new streamers
- Ask for advice on your live shows