Effective January 26, 2022

The attached rules outline the rules to be followed for the proper operation of the site. These rules must be read, approved and applied during the use of any of StreamRunners' multiple action platforms. Any violation of the rules listed below will result in sanctions, both virtual and legal. If you witness a breach of these rules, please contact a moderator as soon as possible.

These rules can be modified at any time, you must inform yourself, it will be considered as read and acquired.

Chapter 1 - Respect for the platform and the users

Article 1 - Identity

All types of identity theft, as they are and in any form, are strictly prohibited.

Article 2 - Abuse

Exploitation of loopholes of any kind on any StreamRunners stock platform is prohibited.

Article 3 - Respect

Respect is a fundamental principle. Therefore, any lack of respect, insulting, racist, sexist, pornographic, homophobic or violent comments and other types of disrespect are punishable and can be legally punished.

Article 4 - Secularism

The site is a place without religious opinion, it is forbidden to express a religious opinion, whether subjective or objective.

Article 5 - Malice

Scams, frauds and computer attacks (hack, DDOS, hacking…) are legally punishable and are subject to heavy penalties whether towards a member, or towards a StreamRunners stock platform.

Article 6 - Penal Code

Any breach of the rules in force in France (penal code) is punishable. The respect of the French laws is compulsory.

Article 7 - Twitch

Any breach of the Twitch rules is also punishable.

Article 8 - Dual Account

Double counting is prohibited.

Chapter 2 - Live Twitch

Article 1 - Stream content

Is allowed on StreamRunners, any stream that does not involve a breach of the penal code and Twitch GCU, in particular: pornography, incitement to hatred, racism, violence, self-harm, drug or alcohol use, the presence of weapons, or extreme trolling on other platforms, as well as any content not fully owned by the broadcaster.
Sub only broadcasts and reruns in general are prohibited.

Article 2 - Advertisements and special requests

Any form of advertising, whatever it is, towards an illegal platform, is prohibited. Advertising to a legal platform is controlled. For more information, contact a manager.
Advertisements to follow or watch a streamer's stream or a specific room, as well as requests to follow to follow (f4f), subs, come and talk on his chat, or others, are strictly forbidden, regardless of the form.
The use of a platform in an ordinary way is not counted as advertising (e.g. playing a game on Twitch is not counted as advertising the game).

Article 3 - Watch Parties

Not allowed on the platform are the "Watch Parties" streams, where the principle is to broadcast Amazon Prime content on Twitch.

Article 4 - Stream in pause, BRB (Be Right Back) and Starting Soon

Any stream displaying a pause sign, starting soon, or other "inactive" content is subject to removal from the site by the moderation team.

Article 5 - Stream Offline

Any unexpectedly disconnected stream will be automatically removed from the queue after 5 minutes.

Article 6 - Langue de la room

The language of the room must be respected both in voice and in writing (e.g. speaking Portuguese to stream in the PT00 room and/or writing in Portuguese in the chat of this room).

Chapter 3 - Paid subscriptions

Article 1 - Reimbursement

Refunds for previously purchased subscriptions can only be requested within 3 days of purchase and provided that the subscription has not been overused.
To request a subscription refund, you must send an email to [email protected]. This email must include : the name of your Twitch channel, the date of payment of the subscription, the name of the person who paid for the subscription, and a photocopy of the identity card of the person on the subscription. Any refund of subscription will be done on the account of the payment and in no other way.

Chapter 4 - Inventory and Awards

Article 1 - Refund policy

StreamCoins (primary currency of the site) as well as ShopinCoins, and Golden Tickets (secondary currencies of the site), will not be refunded under any conditions, whether it is due to the loss of a Tombola, the purchase of a cash register or a place in the queue taken by mistake.

Article 2 - Awards

Rewards earned on StreamRunners are not redeemable or refundable.

Article 3 - Out of Stock

When you open a box, a message will tell you if any of the items in it are missing, and if so, you will be able to exchange it for the change you used to buy it, or wait for the contents to become available again.